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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birth Year Reading Challenge

I've decided to join Hotchpot Cafe's Birth Year Reading Challenge to see what other greatness the year 1972 might have produced besides me. :) The challenge has no limit for the amount of books to read, but you get a candle for every one you finish. Here are the books I've chosen:
The Water is Wide, Pat Conroy
The Water Method Man, John Irving
Green Darkness, Anya Seton
On the Night of the Seventh Moon-Victoria Holt
The Boys of Summer-Roger Kahn


  1. Glad you signed up! I like the idea of this challenge a lot.

    Hmmmm . . . the Victoria Holt is the only one I've read. I went through a long Holt phase.

  2. I have a copy of On the Night of the Seventh Moon that I just bought from my favorite used book store. I loved that book when I was a kid. It led me to read every Victoria Holt book I could get my hands on. They all had the same plot. Swoon.

  3. Welcome to the challenge! I like the variety of your choices, and am glad to see a baseball book on there. I've read other books by Irving and Conroy, and they are both excellent writers. You should have fun!

  4. I am actually a sports writing fanatic, I think I've read all of John Feinstein's books. Plus we love our baseball here in MN, so I am looking forward to it. The Conroy book, which I have started, is wonderful so far. :)

  5. I was always curious about my mom's Victoria Holt collection when I was in middle school but I was forbidden to read them....which is exactly why I chose one for my list :) Can't wait to find out what she didn't want me to read!