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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Update...and A Cry for Help

The Adventures of Augie March is so far making me feel like I have the world's worst case of ADHD. I am completely unable to concentrate on this book--the deep, dark, non-distracting hole I needed for Lord Jim wouldn't even help me out with this one. The worst part? Saul Bellow also seems to have ADHD, because Augie March is all over the place plot-wise. Bellow will describe one character for like four pages and then that character completely disappears into the story, never to be mentioned again. Augie runs from job to job, house to house, person to person, and I can't keep anyone straight. The character names of Friedl and Kreindl alone are enough to confuse anyone!!!

Anyone who's made it through this book and has found something redeeming about it...please throw me a life preserver here!!!