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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update from the Halfway Point..."The Adventures of Augie March"

A big 'thank you' shout-out to those of you who confirmed my initial suspicions that Adventures would be slow going. Getting through Chapter 5 alone took me three days. Bellow has a way of hyper-describing every feature of every character and forgetting to throw in a period every now and then to break things up. It made for some long going there.

Once I got past Chapter 5, though, an amazing thing happened. The book got better. A lot better. Bellow's still not using many periods, but at least he's throwing some actual adventures into the plot rather than just serial descriptions of everyone Augie's ever met. I've actually looked forward to picking the book up the last few days, and am beginning to feel some hope that I might actually finish it.

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